Personal Leverage Design

Personal Leverage Design

Template by August Bradley

This is a quick top-of-mind exercise to get ideas flowing. Just start brainstorming and jot down as many ideas in this template as you can think of now, then add to it as new ones come to you over time. We will then build on this in future newsletter issues. (share newsletter with a friend)



Personal Capability

How can you enhance your personal capabilities?

  • Text Mining


Life Systems

What systems could you put in place to enhance your efforts? How can you refine and improve the systems you currently have in place?

  • Sales visits
  • Website building




What software could you use to do repetitive tasks you have been doing yourself? What software can bring efficiency and streamline actions in your Life Systems above?



What devices can automate work for repetitive tasks for you do?



What do you often explain over and over that you could record/write once and share the link going forward? How could you have media recordings/writing always available to answer questions commonly asked of you? What ideas, information, or value would you like to share more broadly?

  • Grief
  • Life maths




What could you hire others to do better than you can do? What lower-skilled activities do you often spend time on that you could hire someone to do at a lower rate than you value your time?

  • Sales visits


In future newsletter issue we will explore more specific approaches for each together

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