Hello! I'm Jacqueline

When I was young

My grandfather used to take photographs of my family and I hated posing for them. I wondered what the point of all these photographs was. Then, I realised he wanted to capture memories of us because we mattered so much to him.

Photography became a love language for me

I started taking pictures because I too wanted to remember people I loved and who love me.

My favourite photograph is

A picture of my mum and brother during a time when she was going through chemotherapy. It was the first time she saw my brother’s full-back tattoo and it was the first time he saw her without her wig.

People and relationships move me

Photography has become a way of life for me because I want to help others capture memories of their meaningful relationships too. Photographs remind people of the love and goodness in their lives. After all, aren't relationships built upon shared memories?

I like to keep it real in photographs

The best photographs are taken when people are comfortable and just being themselves. That’s why, I aim to be discrete and discerning when taking pictures. I particularly enjoy photography sessions in people’s homes - it’s a personal space where they truly are at ease.

When I’m not taking pictures

I am still investing in relationships, doing life with my favourite people - walking alongside them and listening to them. And often, I photograph them too. After all, photography is always secondary to living.